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4 Jacks Casino Organization
4 Jacks Casino Purpose
4 Jacks Casino Code of Conduct


4 Jacks Casino Organization

Since 1999, 4 Jacks Casino has established itself as one of the Internet´s trustworthy casinos. We have achieved this through offering our customers consistent quality, fair, secure, and dedicated service. Our entire organization is committed to our customers best service and continuously seeks ways to improve their satisfaction.

4 Jacks Casino is owned and operated by Grixon Corporation, C.A. a corporation registered and located in Caracas, Venezuela.

4 Jacks Casino is regulated by the bylaws of the Comision Nacional de Casinos y Salas de Bingos (CNC) of Venezuela, the official organization that supervises casino operations in Venezuelan territory.

4 Jacks Casino´s gaming is available in a fast Java browser based version that does not require a download. We offer instant play in a wide selection of exciting and unique games.

We guarantee a fair, secure and confidential gambling environment. The operation of our games is based on an independently reviewed Random Number Generator, which guarantees  randomness and fairness. The payouts of our games are published on our website by Rossler, Sanford & Associates (RSA Report)

We utilize the most advanced encryption and data protection methods and data protection standards. (Security and Privacy)

4 Jacks Casino Purpose:

The growth of 4 Jacks Casino comes from providing top quality entertainment to the people that wish to gamble, giving them the opportunity to do so in a safe, fun, fair, and secure environment. This allows us to develop and grow to offer our customers greater satisfaction.

4 Jacks Casino Code of Conduct:

  1. Security and Privacy:
  2. 4 Jacks Casino has designed all services to protect customer privacy and confidentiality. We have placed controls to prevent fraud and protect data from internal and external hacking

  3. Banking and Transacction Processing:
  4. 4 Jacks Casino conducts its banking and financial affairs in accordance with accepted standards of recognized banking institutions. 4 Jacks Casino adheres to all jurisdictional laws pertaining to transaction reporting.

  5. Payouts:
  6. 4 Jacks Casino maintains customer balances in cash, or cash equivalent, ensuring that 100% of each customer´s balance is available for immediate withdrawal subject to password verification. In addition, 4 Jacks Casino is committed to prompt payment of all customer withdrawals.

  7. Accountability:
  8. 4 Jacks Casino agrees to make their systems, algorithms and practices available for inspection and reviewed by any legitimate gaming commission or governmental authority.

  9. Compliance:
  10. 4 Jacks Casino abides by the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction within which it does business.

  11. Limiting Access by Minors:
  12. We maintain controls to prohibit minors from accessing its gaming system. These controls require customers to declare that they are of lawful age and 4 Jacks Casino enforces reasonable measures to verify this information.

  13. Controlling Compulsive Gambling:
  14. 4 Jacks Casino is constantly monitoring our games to identify problems and underage gambling. We have betting limits for specific games. Our procedures include daily deposit limits and analysis of gambling patterns. We also offer the player to "self-exclude" from our casino. If you have a gambling problem, or you know of someone who does, please click on the Gamblers Anonymous logo ( or contact our support team for assistance and more information on this topic.



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