American Roulette Rules

Roulette originated in France over three hundred years ago. The game is fun and simple to play and offers a variety of possible wagers; a roulette wheel or "cylinder" spins and waits for a white ball rotating in opposite direction to land on a number of the roulette. There are 38 such numbers ("1" to "36") plus "0" and "00". Bettors have the option to guess which number out of the possible 38 the ball will land on, bet on a combination of numbers or pick whether the number will be red or black, even or odd.

The rules are very simple. The player places bets on the numbers and betting positions of the roulette table, as depicted below, then initiates the spinning of the roulette cylinder and waits for the ball to land on a roulette number. This number and all the the betting positions that include it are winners and win prizes that depend on the betting position payoff and the amount of the bet.  

All casinos have maximum and minimum limits for bets at roulette. At the 4 Jacks Casino, the minimum bet allowed is $1 on any bet and the maximum is $25 for the "internal bets", that is for the bets on single numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 and 00. The maximum is $100 for the "external bets", that are Red or Black, Even or Odd, 1-18 or 19-36, Dozens and Columns.

The player can make any number of bets, each of them of any amount equal or lower than the maximum and equal or higher than the minimum.

The amount won on each winning bet is the amount of the bet times the payoff of the betting position. In addition to the winnings, the winning bet itself is returned to the player. If a player has several simultaneous winning bets, all of them are paid according to the preceding procedure. 

There several bets of roulette are shown in the figure below and their payoffs are listed in the table below it.  These payoffs are usually the same for the American roulette all around the world, including those found in Las Vegas casinos.

Wager Payoff Nickname Example Odds
Single Number 35 to 1 Straight up a 38 to 1
Two Numbers 17 to 1 Split b 38 to 2
Three Numbers 11 to 1 Street c 38 to 3
Four Numbers 8 to 1 Corner d 38 to 4
Five Numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 6 to 1   e 38 to 5
Six Numbers 5 to 1   f 38 to 6
Twelve Numbers 2 to 1 Dozen g 38 to 12
Twelve Numbers 2 to 1 Column h 38 to 12
Red or Black 1 to 1   i 38 to 18
Odd or Even 1 to 1   j 38 to 18
Numbers 1-18 or 19-36 1 to 1 Eighteen k 38 to 18
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