The Rules of Blackjack

The object of the game is to beat the dealer, by making a higher valued hand than the dealer's hand, while not exceeding 21.

The value of a hand is found by adding up the value of all the cards in the hand. Face cards (jacks, queens and kings) are valued as 10. All other cards are counted at face value, except for the aces, which can be counted as either one or 11, whatever better suits the hand being played.

The Game: When the value of a hand exceeds 21 it is a "bust". If either the player or dealer busts, the other wins automatically. When dealer and player have hands of the same value it is a "push" or standoff and neither wins.

If the first two cards dealt to the player or dealer are an ace and a 10-valued card (a 10, jack, queen or king), he or she has a "blackjack". A blackjack is an immediate winner and pays the player one and a half times the bet (3 to 2 odds). All other winning hands of the player are paid at one-to-one or even money. If both the dealer and player are dealt a blackjack, it is a "push" with no winner.

 At the 4 Jacks Casino, the game is played with a six-deck shoe with a reshuffle after two thirds of the cards have been drawn. The dealer distributes two cards to the player and two to herself, dealt one at a time, with the first card going to the player. One of the dealer's cards is dealt face down and the other face up. The player plays his hand first, by taking additional cards ("HIT") or finishing the hand ("STAND") or making other decisions as described below. Then plays the dealer according to fixed rules and hands are compared.  The player may request as many additional cards as he or she likes by clicking on the "HIT" button, and so increase the value of his or her, but keeping in mind the risk of exceeding 21 or "bust" and lose the hand. To stop taking cards the player clicks on the "STAND" button to indicate he or she is done. Then the dealer plays her hand by showing the face-down card and taking cards until her total hand value is greater than sixteen.

Options: During the game, the player is offered several options that can be taken or not by clicking the appropriate buttons, as follows::

The "Double Down" option:  By clicking the "DOUBLE" button the player can duplicate the bet after knowing what the first two cards are. Doubled down hands are dealt one and only one more card, so doubled hands end up with three cards. The "DOUBLE" button is active only when the first two cards have been dealt and deactivates after a third card is dealt.

 The "Insurance" option: The "INSURANCE" and "SKIP" buttons go active only when the dealer's face up card is an ace. The player may select the "INSURANCE" option to make a second "insurance" bet to protect against the possibility that the dealer has a blackjack (if her down card has a value of ten). The insurance bet is fixed as half the original bet and pays 2 to 1 if the dealer has a blackjack (so the player may lose the main bet, but winning the insurance bet he or she breaks even). If the dealer has no blackjack, the insurance bet is lost and the game continues. To take insurance the player only needs to click on the "INSURANCE" button, and the bet is made automatically. Insurance can be refused by clicking on the "SKIP" button.

The "Split" option: This option is offered through the "SPLIT" button, which activates only if the player has been dealt two cards of equal value (i. e. two fives or two jacks, etc.). The player can click this button or play the hand ignoring it. The "SPLIT" option separates the two cards into two separate hands and places a corresponding second bet automatically, of the same amount as the first bet. Each hand is then played independently, the second after the first is completed. A red number (the total count of the hand) on a black square over the cards identify which hand is being played. The original hand may be split up to two times, making a maximum of three separate hands. The player may take as many additional cards as he or she wishes for each hand, except for split aces, which are dealt one and only one additional card on each of the new hands. Combinations of different cards such as a jack/king, ten/queen, jack/queen pair, etc. cannot be split. The "Double Down" option is not available to split hands.

The "Surrender" option: This option is offered in every hand only after the two first cards have been dealt. Choosing this option the player folds or surrenders, but only half the bet is lost, the other half being returned. This option is intended to minimize loses when the player's hand looks unfavorable and a probable loser.

The "Hit" option is chosen for requesting additional cards.

The "Stand" option is chosen for stopping taking additional cards and indicating that the player is done.

Rules for the Dealer: After the player has completed his or her hand without busting, the dealer plays hers following two simple fixed rules, regardless of the value of the player's hand:

a) If the dealer has sixteen or less, she must draw additional cards until she reaches seventeen or more.

b) The dealer must stand on hands totaling seventeen or higher, even if this value is lower than that of the player's hand.

Winnings: When the player wins, the computer pays showing the winnings as a pile of chips and adds the bet to the player's balance.

Payoff: The above rules and payoff regulations apply to the blackjack game played in the 4 Jacks Casino and conform to the rules and regulations found at most blackjack tables around the world, including those found in Las Vegas casinos.

Odds: The odds depend mostly on the player's ability.

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