How to Play American Roulette

Roulette originated in France over three hundred years ago. The game is fun and simple to play and offers a variety of possible wagers; a roulette wheel or "cylinder" spins and waits for a white ball rotating in opposite direction to land on a number of the roulette. There are 38 such numbers ("1" to "36") plus "0" and "00". Bettors have the option to guess which number out of the possible 38 the ball will land on, bet on a combination of numbers or pick whether the number will be red or black, even or odd.

How to Play: To begin play you should first select the value of the chips you will use by clicking the left button of your mouse on the selected chip in the lower part of the screen. This will stick the chip to the cursor. Then place your bet by clicking on the selected number or position at the table for a combination bet, as indicated below, as many times as you wish. Each click adds one chip to the bet and its value is automatically deducted from your balance. If you change your mind and want to withdraw some or all the chips from a bet, you can do so by clicking the right button of your mouse on the bet position. You can mix chips of different value in any bet and can make as many different bets as you like. To change the chip under the cursor, simply click on a chip of different value in the lower part of the screen. When the bet equals or exceeds the allowed minimum, which is $1,  the "SPIN" button is activated. Then you can continue placing more bets or can click on the "SPIN" button to start the roulette spin. No more bets are allowed once the roulette starts spinning. Any single bet cannot exceed the allowed maximum ($ 100 for "external" bets - Red or Black, Even or Odd, 1-18 or 19-36, Dozens and Columns - and $ 25 for all other or "internal" bets).

When you are done placing your bets, click on the "SPIN" button. Then the roulette starts spinning counterclockwise and a ball is launched clockwise. The ball runs and ends landing on a number of the roulette, this number being the winner. All bets that contain this number are also winners.

The winning number is visible directly on the roulette wheel. It is also shown at the top right of the screen. A row of recent winning numbers is also shown. The winning numbers are in fact generated not by the roulette itself, but by a fair computer random number generator, to ensure a really fair game. When the roulette stops, all losing bets are taken off from the table and the winning bets together with the winnings are returned to the player ant the total amount is automatically added to the balance. Also the winnings are shown on the table as a group of additional chips.

Sound: The game starts in silent mode due to the fact that the sound files take some time to load, but the sound starts automatically after a few moments. To activate or deactivate the sounds, click on the "Sound" button at the lower left of the screen. 

Music: The game is loaded with no music. To activate it click on the "Music" button located at the lower left part of the table and click it again to deactivate it. Music activation is possible only if the "Sound" button is also depressed and only between bets, not during the spinning of the ball or the payment operations . Releasing the "Sound" button shuts down not only the game sounds, but the music also.  The first time you put on the music it takes a few moments while the sound file downloads. After that, each tune is automatically changed each three minutes approximately and they continue playing while the "Music" button remains depressed. If you don't like a tune, you can change it by releasing the "Music" button, then depressing it again.  The sound quality depends strongly on your sound card and the browser you use.

Bets: There are several bets in roulette that have different odds and payoffs. All of them are listed in the table below: These payoffs conform to the rules and regulations found at most American roulettes around the world, including those found in Las Vegas casinos.

Wager Payoff Nickname Example Odds
Single Number 35 to 1 Straight up a 38 to 1
Two Numbers 17 to 1 Split b 38 to 2
Three Numbers 11 to 1 Street c 38 to 3
Four Numbers 8 to 1 Corner d 38 to 4
Five Numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 6 to 1   e 38 to 5
Six Numbers 5 to 1   f 38 to 6
Twelve Numbers 2 to 1 Dozen g 38 to 12
Twelve Numbers 2 to 1 Column h 38 to 12
Red or Black 1 to 1   i 38 to 18
Odd or Even 1 to 1   j 38 to 18
Numbers 1-18 or 19-36 1 to 1 Eighteen k 38 to 18

So, for example, if you placed a $25 bet on a "corner bet", such as "d" above and the winning number is 31 or 32 or 34 or 35, you will be paid 8 x $25 = $200 plus your $25 bet, that is, a total of  $225. In addition, you can win several other bets simultaneously. Suppose the winning number was 32. Then you would also win the bets placed on "EVEN", and "19-36" and "3rd 12" and the red rhomb and the second column. Ad if you had placed also a $25 bet on the 32 number itself, you would be paid 35 x $25 = $875 plus your $25, that is, $900 in addition to all the other winning bets.

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