How to play
Let It Ride Poker

This is a variation of five-card stud poker in which the player tries to get a good hand by combining three cards dealt to him or her with the dealer's two "hole" cards. To reduce the risk when chances for a winning hand seem bleak, the player can remove up to two-thirds of his or her original bet during play. The object of the game is to obtain the highest possible poker hand. The winning Let It Ride hands and their payoffs are shown below and are the same as in poker. The player simply tries to get a winning hand and doesn't compete against other players or the dealer.  The game is played with one deck of standard poker cards, reshuffled before each hand.

Bets: To begin play you should start placing your bets. There are three simultaneous bets of exactly the same amount, named 1, 2 and $, chosen between the minimum and the maximum allowed in the table.  You can  place your bets by clicking on a chip of the appropriate value in the lower part of the table. This causes that three of those chips being automatically placed, one in each of the betting circles. Then a "DEAL" button appears. You can continue adding chips to the bets by clicking on more chips. You can mix chips of different value in a bet, provided that the maximum limit is not exceeded. This limit refers the the individual value on each bet, not the total value of the three, which is shown at the lower right of the screen and can be up to three times the limit. If you change your mind and wish to remove some chips from the bets, you can do so by clicking the mouse on any of the betting circles. Each click removes one chip from all three circles.

There is a lateral bet or "BONUS" bet, fixed in $1. To place the bonus bet click on the "BONUS" rectangle in the middle of the table. This causes that a $1 chip being put though the slot in this rectangle. A green light under it goes on, indicating that you are going for the bonus in this hand. The bonus bet cannot be retrieved back.

The Game: When you are done betting, click on the "DEAL" button and the cards are dealt, three face up for you and another three face down for the dealer. The "DEAL" button vanishes an two others appears, named "WITHDRAW" and "LET IT RIDE". Now you are offered the opportunity to remove one of your three bets or "let it ride". If you do not like your cards and want to minimize possible loses, then click on the "WITHDRAW" button and one of the bets - the 1 bet -  is returned to you and your balance is increased accordingly. If you think you may have a winning hand, then click on the "LET IT RIDE" button to continue play keeping your three bets in the table to maximize your winnings. In either case the dealer then discards one of her three cards and turns over one of the remaining two, which is counted as your fourth card. Now, at the sight of four cards,  you must decide again whether to withdraw your second bet or "let it ride", and do so by clicking the appropriate button as before. In either case, the dealer then turns over her second card and your hand is determined by combining your three and the dealer's two cards. The hand is over and your winnings paid. The minimum winning hand is a pair of tens or better, which pays even money. Winning hands and their odds and payoffs are shown in the table below. You can start the next game by clicking on the "NEW GAME" button showing now. This cleans the table and the dealer invites you to place new bets. If you click on the "REPEAT BET" now shown, the previous bet is repeated, including a bonus bet, if there was one. You can place a different bet by clicking on any chip.

 To learn more about playing Let It Ride and the basic strategy to rise the chances of winning click here: Let It Ride Strategy.

Sound: To deactivate the sounds and play in silent mode, click on the small button named "Sound", located at the lower left of the screen, and release it.  A second mouse click will depress this button and return to audible mode.

Payoffs: The Let it Ride poker table at the 4 Jacks Casino conforms to the rules and payoff regulations found in Las Vegas and casinos around the world, and are in accordance with the following schedule:


Hand Description Payoff Odds
Royal Flush Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten from same suit. 1000 to 1 625000:1
Straight Flush Five cards in consecutive order from same suit. 200 to 1 68500:1
Four of a Kind Four cards from different suits displaying the same number or picture (same rank). 50 to 1 4170:1
Full House A hand with a Three of a Kind and a Pair. 11 to 1 700:1
Flush Five cards of same suit. 8 to 1 509:1
Straight Five cards in consecutive order, any combination of suits. 5 to 1 279:1
Three of a Kind Three cards from different suits displaying the same number or picture. 3 to 1 47:1
Two pairs Two groups of two cards showing the same number (or picture). 2 to 1 21:1
Pair of Tens or Better One pair of Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces. 1 to 1 6:1

The huge payoffs for the bonus bet are paid according to the following table:


Hand Payoff
Royal Flush $30,000
Straight Flush $3,000
Four of a Kind $400
Full House $200
Flush $50
Straight $25
Three of a Kind $5
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