How to Play
     Three-Card Poker

To play the Three-Card Poker, simply take the following steps:

First: Place your bets
In the lower part of the screen you have a row of chips of different value. To make your wager, click on the chip you want to bet and drag it to the Ante Bet circle or the Pair+ rhomb. You can also place bets by clicking on the Ante Bet circle or the Pair+ rhomb with the left button of your mouse. The chip betted will be the one surrounded by a bright circle. You can bet any number of chips up to an added value of $100 in each of these two wagers. If you change your mind about a bet, you also can withdraw chips before any cards are dealt, by clicking on it with the RIGHT button of the mouse. You can play with the Ante Bet only, or with the PairPlus bet only, or with both. They are independent bets. The game won't let you raise the ante bet to a value higher that half the balance you have. This is because you must reserve money enough to cover for a possible Call Bet.

Second: Deal cards
When you are done making your bets, click on the " DEAL" button, which is activated once the a bet is placed. The machine deals you three cards face-up and three cards face down go to the dealer.

Third: Decide about play or fold
In the Rules page you can see the list of winning poker hands with three cards. If you think that you have a good chance of beating the dealer's hand, then click on the "CALL" button, otherwise click on the "FOLD" button. If you choose "CALL", a third Call Bet of the same value than the Ante Bet is automatically placed and subtracted from your balance. Then the dealer shows her hand, both hands are evaluated, the prize, if any, is automatically paid to you and the hand is over.  If you choose "FOLD", the hand is over and you loose your Ante Bet and your Pair Plus bet if you placed one.

How hands are compared
The winner is the hand with the higher rank, according to the hands table in the Rules page. In case of a tie, for example, if both player and dealer have a pair, the winner is the hand with the higher pair. If the tie still persists, then the remaining cards are taken into account and the winner is the hand with higher remaining cards. Suit does not count in hand evaluation.

You can win four different prizes:

a) The PairPlus prize. It does not depend on the dealers hand. You can see the payoff table for these prizes at the left of the screen. If your hand qualifies for a PairPlus prize, it is always paid to you regardless of what the dealer may have.

b) The Ante Bet Extra Bonus. The payoff table for these prizes is shown at the right of the screen. As with the PairPlus bet, if your hand qualifies for an Ante Bet Extra Bonus prize, it is always paid to you regardless of what the dealer may have.

c) The Ante Bet prize. It is paid only if your hand beats the dealer's hand. Payoff is 1:1. If there is a tie or push your Ante Bet is returned to you.

d) The Call Bet prize: It is paid only if your hand beats the dealer's hand. Payoff is 1:1. If there is a tie or push your Call Bet is returned to you.
In the lower right corner of the screen you can see four indicators showing your winnings in each of the four prizes.  At the lower left there is an indicator entitled "You Won". It shows the net total winnings of the hand, that is, the prizes won less the bets lost. Negative results (net loses) are not shown.

Dealer plays only with a Queen or higher
If the dealer has a hand with nothing of value equal or higher than a Queen, then the dealer does not qualify. In this this case the player automatically wins the Ante Bet, which is paid 1:1, and the Call Bet is returned to the player with no winnings.

Sound: The game starts in silent mode due to the fact that the sound files take some time to load, but the sound starts automatically after a few moments. To activate or deactivate the sounds, click on the "Sound" button at the lower right of the table. 

Music: The game is loaded with no music. To activate it click on the "Music" button located at the lower left part of the table and click it again to deactivate it. Music activation is possible only if the "Sound" button is also depressed. Releasing the "Sound" button shuts down not only the game sounds, but the music also.  The first time you put on the music it takes a few moments while the sound file downloads. After that, each tune is automatically changed each three minutes approximately and they continue playing while the "Music" button remains depressed. If you don't like a tune, you can change it by releasing the "Music" button, then depressing it again.  The sound quality depends strongly on your sound card and the browser you use.

Prizes and Rules
To learn about winning hands, prizes and the rules of the game click here: Rules .


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