How to play
Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Poker is a five-card stud poker game, which was originally developed for Caribbean cruise ships. It is played against the dealer with a standard 52-card deck, reshuffled after 30 cards are drawn.

After placing a first "ante" bet, you are dealt five cards and the dealer another five, four of them face down and one face up. If you doesn't like your cards, you may fold and surrender your ante bet, otherwise you place a second "call bet" equal to double your ante bet. If the dealer's hand qualifies (contains and Ace/King combination or better), both hands are compared and if you win you will be paid according to the table shown on the screen. If the dealer does not qualify, you win the "ante" bet, which is paid even money (1 to 1), and the "call" bet is returned to you.

Ante Bet: To place your ante bet you should first select the value of the chips you will use, by clicking once the left button of your mouse on the selected chip in the lower part of the screen. A red underbar indicates which chip value is active ant any time. Then click on the "Ante" betting circle in the middle of the screen or double click on the selected chip. Each click adds one chip to the "Ante" bet and its value is automatically deducted from your balance. If you change your mind and want to withdraw some or all the chips from the bet, you can do so by clicking the right button of your mouse on the "Ante" bet position. You can mix chips of different value, but cannot exceed the maximum allowed for the table nor exceed 1/3 of your current balance.

How to Play: First place your ante bet as explained above and then click on the "DEAL" button. You will be dealt five cards and the dealer another five, one of them face up. Then, looking at your cards and seeing also one of the dealer's hand, you must decide if you play the hand or surrender. If you surrender, you loose your ante bet and the hand is over. To surrender, click your mouse on the "SURRENDER" button. If you think you can beat the dealer's hand, then click on the empty "Call Bet" betting circle and the "Call" bet, which is exactly twice the amount of the ante, is automatically placed there. Then the dealer shows her hand and both hands are compared. The winner and the prize is decided according to the rules below. After the hand is over, click on the "OK" button to indicate your acceptance of the result. This clears the table and the next hand begins. Alternately, you can start the next hand by directly clicking on the "Ante Bet" circle when it is pointed by the red arrow.

Sound: The game is loaded in silent mode. To activate sound, click and depress the small button with a musical note located at the lower left of the screen. A second mouse click will release this button and return to silent mode.


1.- If the player surrenders, he or she loses the ante bet and the hand is over.

2.- If the player decides to place a call bet then, to play the hand, the dealer must have at least an Ace/King combination or better, otherwise the dealer's hand does not qualify.

2.a.- If the dealer's hand does not qualify (has a hand ranking lower than an Ace/King combination) then the player wins the "ante" bet, which is paid even money (1 to 1), and gets the call bet returned, even if the player's hand is lower than the dealer's hand.

2.b.- If the dealer's hand qualifies, both hands are compared and the higher-ranking hand wins.

2.b.i.- If the dealer wins, the player loses both the ante and the call bets.

2.b.ii.- If the player wins, he or she will be paid even money (1 to 1) on the ante bet plus an amount on the call bet which depends on the quality of the player's hand and can be as high as 100 to 1, as shown in the table below. The ante and call bets, as well as any winnings, are displayed as separate piles of chips, and the total amount is automatically added to the player's balance.

2.b.iii.- If the dealer and the player both have the same hand (for example, both have one pair or both have a "flush"), then the winner is the one with the higher-ranking cards. If the tie still persists, the remaining cards in the hands are taken into consideration and the highest hand wins. Suit does not count.

2.b.iv.- If both the dealer's and the player's hands are equal, it is a tie, no money is exchanged and the player gets his or her bets returned back.

Payoff: Ante bet is paid at even money (1 to 1). Call bet is paid according to the following table, which lists the standard poker hands by rank in descending order.

Hand Description Payoff
Royal Flush Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten from same suit. 100 to 1
Straight Flush Five cards in consecutive order from same suit. 50 to 1
Four of a Kind Four cards from different suits displaying the same number or picture (same rank). 20 to 1
Full House A hand with a Three of a Kind and a Pair. 7 to 1
Flush Five non-consecutive cards of same suit. 5 to 1
Straight Five cards in consecutive order, any combination of suits. 3 to 1
Three of a Kind Three cards from different suits displaying the same number or picture. 2 to 1
Two pairs Two groups of two cards showing the same number (or picture). 1 to 1
One Pair One pair of identically ranked cards. 1 to 1
Ace/King High A hand with five unmatching cards including an Ace and a King. 1 to 1

The above rules and payoffs conform to the rules and payoff regulations found in Las Vegas and casinos around the world.

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