How to Play
      Red Dog

To play the Red Dog game, simply take the following steps:

First: Make your bet
To make your wager, click the left button of your mouse on the chip you want to bet, in the lower part of your screen. You can click on any chip any number of times, provided the total amount of the bet is under $100. Each time you click on a chip, you add that chip to your wager and your balance is decreased in an amount equal to the chip value. The minimum bet is $1 and the maximum bet is $100. You can always see the amount wagered as the number showing over the bet in the bet circle. 

If you change your mind about the bet, you can Withdraw chips from the bet circle before the first two cards are dealt, clicking the Right button of the mouse on the betting circle.

Second: Deal cards
Click on the " DEAL" button, which is activated once the bet is made. The machine deals you two cards.

Third: Decide about doubling the bet or not

Fourth and Last: Deal last card
If you decided to double your bet, click on the "RISE" button, otherwise click on the "DEAL" button again. This will bring you the third card and the hand is over. If you win, the machine gives you your prize automatically and increments your balance accordingly. If not, it will take out the bet. 

To begin a new hand, click anywhere on the screen or click on a chip in order to make a new bet

The game is loaded in silent mode. To activate sound, click on the "Sound" button located at the lower left part of the screen. It will take a few seconds to load the sound files and you will hear them as they are being loaded. The sound will stay active while the "Sound" button remains depressed. A second mouse click on this button will release it and return to silent mode.

Prizes and Rules
To learn about winning hands, prizes and the rules of the game click here: Rules .


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