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Win Big Gambling Safely Just Now!

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Guaranteed satisfaction or money back.

Secure Casino with certified 97.8% average payoff, same day payments and instant no-download games. Just Click and Play!

Dear Player,

How do you feel about taking risks? If you love gambling, you may willingly accept the risk involved in it because you know that in any game you can win or lose. Moreover, the risk adds to the excitement and no risk means little or no fun.  You know that. But, would you accept casino cheating or rigged games as part of the risk?

One thing is playing against the legal "house take" of about 2 to 5% involved in the majority of casino games, and a completely different thing is playing a rigged game in which you have no opportunity to win.  That would be a rip off, not reasonable risk taking. 

And how can you be sure about the fairness of the games in an online casino? Unfortunately, the vastness and lack of regulation of the Internet favors the activity of crooks, hence, as you surely know, not all online casinos deserve your trust and you need to be careful about where you gamble. I know because I was burnt more than once.

That is why we created the 4 Jacks Casino to stand out of the crowd. We offer you an unparalleled strong guarantee of legality, security and fairness that provides you with a superior, safe and enjoyable gaming experience. Guaranteed, or money back!  Yes! I say MONEY BACK!

The 4 Jacks Casino operates since 1999 in Caracas, Venezuela, under the regulations of the Comision Nacional de Casinos, the Venezuelan Government Authority which supervises legal gambling in Venezuelan territory. 

In addition, and by requirements of law, our operation is audited by a local independent accounting firm, which is Rossler, Sandford & Associates. Their auditing reports, available here, shows that month after month our average payoffs consistently range from 97.5% to 98.0%, which is higher than those of most of Las Vegas casinos.

Our commitment to our players has no limit.  We make any effort to keep them happy and, in the rare events in which a disagreement arose, the issue was resolved in favor of the player. Always. Wouldn't you like to play in a casino in which you know you will be always right? Others are delighted. See what some of them think about 4 Jacks:

"This is a great site, NO DOWNLOAD, good technical service, excelents odds and quick payouts. This is the perfect combinationfor an on line casino". Diana S., Derbyshire, UK

(...) your casino is the best, quickest payout on the net, totally honest, I love it, I win just take the winnings then give it all back, if only Id take it and not blow it all back, but I have fun playing." Karel Sleis-burress, NY

If you choose to become a 4 Jacks Casino member, you will soon feel as comfortable playing here as Diana and Karel and so many other 4 Jacks players. 

One of the key benefits of playing at the 4 Jacks Casino is quick payments to winners. Most online casinos take several days to process withdrawals, so their clients have to wait about one week or more (and as long as 20 days for some), before they can get their winnings. Not so at 4 Jacks. We honor withdrawals in less than 24 hours, and typically, in less than 6 hours. You can have your winnings in your pocket the same day. 

Moreover, we are working on an instant withdrawal procedure that will soon be implemented and will let you to immediately withdraw your winnings in cash from the nearest ATM machine.

So, why go to Las Vegas for a casino gambling holiday, if you can accomplish the same in the privacy and comfort of your home with no hotel reservations, no hotel bills, no traveling, no crowds, no noise, nobody peering over your shoulder, no loss of workdays, no need to wait for a vacation. Just by visiting the 4 Jacks Casino when you wish, anytime day or night. Additionally you will benefit from higher returns on bets and similar degree of security and confidence. 

The 4 Jacks Casino uses proven gaming software provided by Exciting Games, S.L. featuring  remarkable crisp graphics produced with the finest Java technology and realistic sounds. The fairness of our games is based on a robust Random Number Generator that assures uniform distribution and near-perfect randomness. For you this means a guarantee of the highest degree of fairness. Better impossible.

And let me tell you about the quick load feature. If you have a 56 K modem, you can expect to load a game in about 3 to 5 seconds and play immediately. With our games you have:

  • No software to download.
  • No disc space taken on your computer.
  • No installation needed.
  • No casino logo inserted in your computer desktop.
  • No incomplete uninstall afterwards.
  • No commitment to a previously downloaded software.
  • No fuss.
  • No waiting.
  • Simply click on the game and play. In a few seconds, just as when you visit a simple web page, but with the added excitation of real gambling in it.

You can lose money here? May be. But you can also win! And the probabilities of winning or losing are about the same, about fifty-fifty, since the house take is only 2.2% average. And, can you imagine the pleasure of drawing a full house hand in Let It Ride poker? Or the exhilarating joy of forming a straight flush? Or hit the winning number at roulette? In addition to the intense pleasurable feelings, you get a beautiful pile of money!. 

Yes but, what if I lose?, you may ask. Of course, this is gambling and you can lose. But even then, losing is usually an ups and downs roller-coaster race and, if you keep a tight control on the betted amounts, you can extend your money for long even when losing. Think of it as the fee to pay for a superior entertainment. Doesn't it cost money to go to the movies? Or to the theater? Or to play golf? Even in the event that you lose, you could easily enjoy 4 or 5 hours of gaming for as low a fee as you wish, for example, for $10. Or $5. There are not many other forms of amusement cheaper than this. And what if you win? Do you know a more intense pleasure than gambling and winning?. For many it is better than sex.

One of the unique benefits of playing at the 4 Jacks casino is the unconditional no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee for your first gaming session. It lets you dive into real gambling and win big cash prizes while keeping your money safe. If you make use of this guarantee, you cannot lose!  The only reasonable outcomes can be any of these:

  • You win
  • You don't lose

No other casino on any part of the world, Internet or land based, offers such a generous deal. Of course, in fact you can also lose, but it is always up to you if you wish to risk your own money.

Where is the catch?  Well..., there is no catch. Of course all casinos are here to make money and the 4 Jacks Casino is no exception, but we manage to do so while giving you the opportunity to put our games and procedures to a test, while maintaining the guarantee that you can withdraw all your deposited money if you are not convinced of the fairness of the game or you don't feel comfortable with it or you don't like it in any way.

This guarantee is available to first players only. Afterwards, bettors have to put their money at risk as usual in gambling, but only when they are sure about the fairness and reliability of our casino. This guarantee costs us good money because of the first-time winners, but also brings us a lot of loyal clients who come back many times and, in the long run, this kind of promotion is cheaper than the usual advertising campaigns. Instead of giving money to advertisers, we prefer to give it to our players.

And, How do you like our 100% signup match bonus? It means that if you deposit $25 you start playing with $50; If you deposit $100 you can start gambling with $200. If you deposit $500 you can start with $1000!. Yes! that is a $500 signup bonus. It is a lot of money and you can start winning that much even before the first hand is dealt!  This gives you the opportunity of beating the casino using the casino's own money. Wouldn't it be great?

This bonus is instrumental in the money back guarantee. If things don't run favorably, you can always bet only on the bonus money, then, if you lose, you can withdraw your deposit before you lose any of it. So, to make effective use of our guarantee you need to keep an eye on the amount of your balance and not let it go below the deposited amount. Click on guarantee to learn more.

Wait, we still have more benefits for you. On all deposits after the first you will receive mile points which accumulate and can be exchanged for cash bonuses at will in chunks of $20. 

After that you may be still be eligible for surprise VIP cash bonuses every month. 

And a after that, if things didn't go well for you in the games, you may receive a compensation bonus at the end of the month. Yes, we give you that too!

But the benefits of playing at the 4 Jacks Casino do not end here. If you open your account just now and fund it before midnight of you are entitled to the additional benefit:

10% discount on first payment. If you deposit now,

  • The 100% of your deposit will be credited to your casino account
  • You will receive a signup bonus on the 100% of that amount
  • But only 90% of it will be charged to your NETeller account or ATM card

This means that if, for example, you deposit $200 from your NETeller account, you will be charged only $180, but you will receive the $200 in the casino, plus a signup bonus of another $200, that is, a total of $400. Yes, that is pretty generous, and it costs a lot of money to the casino. That is why it is a limited time offer.

If you already have an active account at NETeller or a PrePaid ATM card or a 900Pay account or a MoneyBookers account, then you can start gambling with no delay. However, if you don't, you may need to open one (all of them are free) and this process may take some time, as they need to make some security checks for identity verification. Once your account is verified, the deposit process is a snap, taking only a few seconds. 

You can fund your NETeller account or your PrePaid ATM card using VISA or MasterCard credit cards. However, most American banks do not allow the use of their cards for gambling, so chances are high that your card payment is declined. This situation worsens day by day due to the fact that more and more American banks line up with this policy, yielding to political and legal treats. 

Consequently, if you wish to gamble in this or any other online casino, you may wish consider to use any of the alternate payment methods, specially electronic checks or instant Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/ACH) from any of your bank accounts to one of the highly reliable processors listed at right.  To learn more on this matter, click on banking.

So, to immediately enjoy the unequalled experience of gambling 

  • In an absolutely fair and secure casino,
  • Immediately,
  • With no downloads,
  • With no installation,
  • With absolutely no fuss,
  • With the best benefits available worldwide, including
  • With 97.8% certified returns,
  • 100% signup match bonus,
  • Mile points on all deposits after the first,
  • VIP surprise bonuses,
  • Compensation bonuses on loses,
  • A 10% discount, if you deposit today
  • With the best personal attention and service
  • And excellent Java software and
  • An unparalleled nothing-to-lose safety guarantee for your money.
all you have to do is to create your account by filling and submitting the following data:
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First Name:
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Dear player, thank you for your visit. If you wish to try our games and test your skills for free you are invited to do so. Simply click on your favorite game at right and you will be playing in no time.

Happy gaming!

Lolo Fondon
4 Jacks Casino Manager


P.S.  If you are seeking the best casino for your gambling, you will not find a better place anywhere on the Internet, so look no further and submit the registration form above and make your first deposit. If you do, you will be playing:

  • In an absolutely fair and secure casino,
  • Immediately,
  • With no downloads,
  • With no installation,
  • With absolutely no fuss,
  • With the best benefits available worldwide, including
  • With 97.8% certified returns,
  • 100% signup match bonus,
  • Mile points on all deposits after the first,
  • VIP surprise bonuses,
  • Compensation bonuses on loses,
  • A 10% discount, if you deposit today
  • With the best personal attention and service
  • And excellent Java software and
  • An unparalleled safety guarantee for your money.

NOBODY else is going to offer you such a favorable deal, so look no further.  What could you lose by signing up now? And for what reason would you lose that pile of benefits, the 100% signup bonus and the 10% discount by not signing? So, don't let this opportunity pass by.



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