Rules for
        Red  Dog

What the game is

Red Dog is a variation of the  in-between game seen some times at poker tables. It is played with a standard deck of 52 poker cards, reshuffled before every hand. Three cards are dealt in two steps. In the first step the player receives  two cards face-up and he or she is given the chance  to double the wager. In the second step the player is dealt a third card. If the third card value lies between the values of the first two, the player wins, otherwise he or she loses.

The cards are ranked as in poker, with aces always high. Suit does not count. For simplicity, all cards can be considered as having a value equal to its face value, the Jack having a value of 11, the Queen a value of 12, the King a value of 13 and the Ace, a value of 14.

Each hand begins when the player places a bet on the bet circle. Then the the first two cards are dealt and the dealer announces the "spread". The spread is the number of cards lying between the first two. For example, if the first two cards are a 7 and a Jack, the spread is 3 (because there are three cards in-between, the 8, the 9 and the 10). The maximum spread is 11, when the first two cards are a 2 and an Ace. After the spread is announced, the player decides if  he or she rises the bet or not. The bet can be raised only to double the value of the original bet. After this, the third card is dealt and the hand is over. If the third card lies in between the first two, the player wins and is paid according to the table below. If the third card lies outside the first two or matches one of them, the player loses. 

Two special situations arise.  
a) When the first two cards are consecutive, the spread is zero and it is a tie or push. In this case no money changes hands.
b) When the first two cards have the same value, it is a match. If the third card also matches, the player wins and is paid 11:1. If the third card does not match, it is a push. In this case the player never loses, but is not allowed to rise the bet. 

The minimum bet in the Red Dog game is $1. The maximum bet is $100. 

If the player gets three matching cards, the hand pays 11:1. In all other cases, prizes depend on the card spread, according to the following payout table:

Card Spread


1 5:1
2 4:1
3 2:1
4+ 1:1

How to play
To learn how to play the game, please click on How to Play.


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