Help and Rules for
Video Joker Poker

The game of Video Joker Poker is basically five-card draw poker played with a deck of 53 cards, which include the standard 52 cards plus one Joker.  The object of the game is to form the highest possible winning poker hand. All winning hands and their payoffs are listed on the machine and explained below. The deck is reshuffled after each hand.

Bets: Video poker is played with 25¢, 50¢ and $1 chips. You can choose any chip value by clicking the left mouse button on the preferred chip in the lower part of the screen. The selected chip is illuminated. To make your bet, click on the coin receiver slot on the lower right. You can click once, twice or three times, each click adding a new chip to your bet. The minimum bet is 25¢ (one click with the 25¢ chip selected). The maximum bet is $3 (three clicks with the $1 chip selected). Chips of different value cannot be mixed in the same wager.

How to play:To start the game, first make your bet, as explained above, then click on the "DEAL" button, which is activated once the bet is made. The machine deals you five cards. You will have a second round of cards and you form the final poker hand by keeping some of these first five cards and replacing the bad ones with new cards of the second "draw" round. To keep a card you click the mouse on the "HOLD" button below that card. A "Held" mark is visible under all the preserved cards. Then click on the "DRAW" button and all the unheld (discarded) cards are replaced by new ones and the final hand is formed. If you succeed making a winning hand, you will see the prize flashing on the screen, while your winnings drop into the coin bucket, and your account is automatically increased by the amount of the prize.

Sound: The game is loaded in silent mode. To activate sound, click and depress the small button with a musical note located at the lower right of the screen. A second mouse click will release this button and return to silent mode.

Prizes:Prizes are paid in chips of the same value of the chips wagered and are listed on the machine screen. For the same hand, prizes increase accordingly with the number of chips betted. For example, a natural Royal Flush will win 500 chips of 25¢ value ($125) if the bet was one 25¢ chip, while the same hand would win 2000 chips of 1$ value ($2000) if the bet was 3 $1 chips.

Odds:There's an element of skill in video poker: Decisions of which cards to keep must be made which, unlike other slot machines, will determine whether and how much you can win. The poker machines at the 4 Jacks Casino conform to the rules and payoff regulations found in Las Vegas and casinos around the world.

The winning poker hands are the following:

Hand Description
Royal Flush (natural) A hand containing an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit and no Joker.
Five of a kind A hand with any four cards of the same value (i.e. four Jacks or four Fours, etc.) plus the Joker.
Royal Flush (with Joker) A Royal Flush in which the Joker replaces any of the cards of that hand.
Straight Flush A hand containing any five consecutive cards of the same suit (i.e. Eight, Nine, Ten, Jack and Queen of hearts. The Joker can replace any card.
Four of a Kind A hand with any four cards of the same value (i.e. four Jacks or four Fours, etc.), or three of a kind plus the Joker.
Full House A hand containing both a "pair" and a "three of a kind". The Joker can replace any missing card.
Flush A hand containing any nonconsecutive five cards of the same suit. (i.e. Three, Four, Seven, Ten and Jack of clubs). The Joker can replace any of these.
Straight A hand with any five consecutive cards of different suits. The Joker can replace any of these.
Three of a Kind A hand with any three cards of the same value (i.e. three Sevens or three Eights, etc.) or a pair plus the Joker.
Two Pairs A hand with any two pairs (i.e. two Jacks and two Fives etc.).
Kings or Better A hand with a pair of Kings or Aces or the Joker plus a King or an Ace.


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