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Casino Security;

For 4 Jacks Casino, Security is the highest priority. Our specialized team works around the clock monitoring and updating our control systems and firewall in order to keep us and our customers safe and protected. The 4 Jacks Casino protects all aspects of the casino operation, including client's identity and personal data, credit card information and every step of monetary transactions in order to provide our clients wit a totally integrated security system.

Transmission Safety:

All transactions are transmitted encoded with industry standard 128-bit SSL, the encryption system used by most banks all around the world. Even in the event that a hacker succeeds in intercepting the transaction data during transmission through the Internet, it would be useless for him without decryption and 128-bit SSL code remains unbroken, having resisted all decryption attempts made to date.

Banking Safety:

4 Jacks Casino partners only with the most solid banking institutions. Your personal data, your financial information and your money are as safe here as in any of the most trustworthy banks.

Data Safety:

4 Jacks Casino protects al stored data, including personal information, financial records and historical gambling, keeping all sensitive information encrypted with a proprietary algorithm in password protected subdirectories, behind a firewall. Even in the unlikely event that a hacker could break in, he could not make any use of such data.

Employee Safety:

4 Jacks Casino Controls the selection of its employees by through background checks and careful directed interviews. Also we maintain strict safety procedures for the access and use of all client and casino data.


Our technology and safety operational measures cover all and each one of the aspects in which data is handled. When you make a transaction at 4 Jacks Casino, you can trust that your money and confidential information are being 100% protected.



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