Rules for
        Three-Card Poker

What the game is
Three card poker is two games in one, played simultaneously: Pairplus and Ante / Call. The player may bet on either one or in both, and in different amounts. Both games are based on the same hand consisting of three cards and is valued following the rules of normal poker. The following table shows the winning hands achievable in three-card poker and their definitions:

Winning Hands in Three-Card Poker



Straight flush Three consecutive cards of the same suit. The ace may be high, over the King, or low, under the Two.
Three of a kind Three cards of the same value
Straight Three consecutive cards of different suits. Ace can be high, over the King or low, under the Two
Flush Three non-consecutive cards of the same suit
Pair Two cards of the same value and a third non-matching card
High Card A hand with a Queen, a King or an Ace and two other non matching low cards 

The Pairplus game
The dealer's hand is immaterial for this game. There is no raising and no discarding. The winning hands and their payoffs are as follows:

Payoff Table for PairPlus



Straight flush 35:1
Three of a kind 25:1
Straight 5:1
Flush 3:1
Pair 1:1
Ante and Call
Play begins with a wager on Ante, then the player and the dealer are dealt three cards each, player's cards face up and dealer's face down. After the player views his or her three cards he or she may either raise by putting an equal bet on the Call circle or fold and lose the ante bet. If the player folds he or she also loses the Pairplus bet if one was made. If the player does raise, then he or she goes against the dealer. Hands are compared and the winner is the hand with the higher rank, according to the tables above. In case of a tie, for example, if both player and dealer have a pair, the winner is the hand with the higher pair. If the tie still persists, then the remaining cards are taken into account and the winner is the hand with higher remaining cards. Suit does not count in hand evaluation. The dealer needs at least a queen high to qualify. Below are the possible outcomes and their payoffs:
-  Dealer does not qualify: Ante wins 1:1, Call bet is returned.
-  Dealer qualifies and player beats dealer: Both Call and Ante win 1:1.
-  Dealer qualifies and dealer beats player: Both Call and Ante lose.
-  Dealer qualifies and dealer ties player: Both Call and Ante push and both bets are returned.

Additionally, Ante Bet has an  Extra Bonus on Ante Bet that does not depend on the dealer's hand and pays according to the following table:

Extra Bonus on Ante Bet
Hand Payoff
Straight flush 5 to 1
Three of a kind 3 to 1
Straight 1 to 1

For both, PairPlus Bet and Ante Bet, the minimum is $1 and maximum is $100. 

How to play
To learn how to play the game, please click on How to Play.


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